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  Acrylic is available in cast and extruded form. The main characteristics of clear acrylic are its outstanding transparency, chemical resistance, outdoor weatherability and dimensional stability. Plexiglas doduble and triple skin acrylic sheet is available for glazing and insulation applications.   Outstanding transparency
Excellent weathering resistance
Low water absorption
Resistance to many chemicals
Easily machined
Excellent optical properties
Resistance to breakage
  ROD: 1mm to 100mm dia.
SHEET: 900 x 600 to 3050 x 2050 x 1.0 to 25mm
TUBE: 8mm OD x 2mm to 300 OD x 6mm
BLOCK: 1000 x 1000 to 2000 x 1000mm, 30mm to 250mm thick
Cements and Polishes also available.
  Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has good mechanical strength, is resistant to most chemicals, can be readily machined or fabricated and is widely used in industry. PVC foam is a lightweight rigid material that has a smooth surface which is ideal for silk screen printing.   Outstanding chemical resistance
Good mechanical strength - tough
Dimensionally stable
Easily fabricated and machined
Low water absorption
  ROD: 6mm to 300mm dia. Grey/Red 3mm welding rod
SHEET: 1270 x 660 to 3000 x 1500 x 0.25 to 40mm
FOAM SHEET: 2000 x 1000 to 4000 x 1000 x 2mm to 30mm
BLOCK: 2000 x 1000 x 25mm to 100mm
TUBE:20mm OD x 8mm ID to 200mm OD x 100mm ID
PROFILES: Angles, 'T' section, 'U' section. Square and Rectangular bars.
  Nylon is produced in various grades for engineering applications. Nylon 66 is the hardest in commercial use with high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. It is easily machined and is the first choice for a variety of mechanical components.   High mechanical strength
Good abrasive resistance
High melting point
Good resistance to chemical attack
Good electrical resistance
Excellent frictional properties
  ROD: 1/4" to 2" dia / 6mm to 150mm dia. Nylon 66 1/4" to 1" sq. / 1/4" to 1 1/4" hex. Nylon 66 1/4" to 2" dia / 6mm to 150mm dia. 'Nylatron GS' 50mm to 400mm dia. 'Nylatron GSM' 'Monocast 901'
PLATE: 1/16" to 2" dia / 8mm to 50mm Nylon 66 'Nylatron GS'
FOAM SHEET: 2000 x 1000 to 4000 x 1000 x 2mm to 30mm
BUSHING STOCK: 18mm OD x 12mm ID to 50mm OD x 38mm ID 'Nylatron GS'
TUBE:4 1/2" OD x 2 1/2" ID to 18" OD x 12" ID 'Nylatron GSM'
50mm OD x 25mm ID to 110mm OD x 90mm ID 'Nylatron GSM'
  A material similar in many characteristics to Nylon 66 but distinguished by low moisture absorption and high stability in varying humidities. Not as wear-resistant asnylon but can be used in conjunction with nylon enabling all-plastic assemblies to be utilised. It is readily machined to produce burr-free close tolerance components.   Excellent dimensional stability
Resilience and toughness
High strength and rigidity
Resistance to extremes of humidity and temperature
Resistance to chemical attack
Non-toxic properties
Excellent di-electric properties
  ROD: 1/4" to 2" dia / 6mm to 150mm dia. Natural and Black in Homopolymer and Copolymer
PLATE: 1/16" to 2" dia / 8mm to 50mm thick
TUBE:25mm OD x 18mm ID to 300mm OD x 200mm ID
  A material unique in its combination of exceptional chemical and electrical resistance, wide operating temperature range and ease of machining.   Chemically resistant
Thermally stable -250ºC to +250ºC
Low co-efficient of friction
Outstanding electrical properties
Non-stick properties
Unaffected by outdoor exposure
  ROD: 1/4" to 12" dia.
SHEET: 24" x 24" x 1/32" to 2", 48" x 48" x 1/64" to1"
TUBE: 25mm OD x 10mm ID to 90mm OD x 65mm ID
TAPE: 1" to 24" wide x 0.003" to 0.062"
  Industrial Laminates are established engineering materials based on phenolic, epoxide or polymide resins with fabric, paper or glass fabric reinforcement.   Different combinations of the resins and reinforcements produce material having different characteristics. Laminates combine mechanicla and electrical strength with chemical and weather resistance. They are rigid with a high strengthto weight ratio. Can be machined on standard machine tools to fine tolerances.   ROD: 1/8" to 6" dia.
SHEET: 48" x 48" x 1.64" to 31"
A range of round, square and rectangular tube square, rectangular and hexagonal bar angles and channels are available on request.
  Polycarbonate sheet is the toughest transparent thermoplastic produced and has outstanding impact strength (guaranteed unbreakable) making it an ideal material for a variety of glazing and industrial applications.   High impact strength
Excellent clarity
Assured weatherability
Temperature range -90ºC to +135ºC
Good electrical insulator
Very low moisture absorption
High co-efficient of thermal expansion
Good thermal insulator
  ROD: 4mm to 200mm dia.
SHEET: 2050 x 1200 to 3050 x 2050 x 1mm to 12mm
TUBE: 10mm OD x 2mm ID to 200mm OD x 3mm ID
BLOCK: 3000 x 500. 10mm to 60mm thick
  Polypropylene is a low density thermoplastic having excellent corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties. It can be formed or machined and is widely used in the chemical and food industries.   High resistance to chemical attack
Good electrical insulators
Low water absorption
Easily machined and welded
Good impact strength
Low rigidity
Good vacuum forming properties
  ROD: 10mm to 500mm dia. 3mm welding rod
SHEET: 2440 x 1220 x 0.5mm
BLOCK: 2000 x 1000 x 12mm to 120mm thick
  Polyethylene is produced in Low Density, High Density and UHMW. Mechanical properties vary with density but all grades have good chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties, and are extremely light.   Resistant to chemical attack
Good electrical insulation
Temperature usage 60ºC max.
Very low water absorption
Easily machined and welded
  ROD: 12mm to 150mm dia.
SHEET: 2440 x 1372 x 1.5mm to 6mm
48" x 96" to 60" x 120", 1/8" to 4"
  ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a strong and rigid thermoplastic which is easily vacuum formed to produce an extremely wide range of domestic and industrial products.   High impact strength
Excellent thermala forming properties
Performs at -40ºC
Good electrical insulator
Resistant to many acids/alkalis of medium concentration
  ROD: 10mm to 100mm dia.
SHEET: 2440 x 1220 x 0.5mm to 12mm

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